Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

In January 2018, Ralph Northam was sworn in as the 73rd governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Within a year of his term, Northam, a highly respected physician and public servant, encountered a barrage of national criticism from an alleged photo of him in his medical school yearbook. The image stood to destroy his legislative agenda and reputation. Jarvis Stewart, then CEO of IR + Media, joined Governor Northam's team as a crisis communications strategist, leading efforts to develop and execute a rapid response, campaign-style strategy to mitigate negative headlines, viral social media attention, and demands for the Governor's resignation. Highlights of the strategy focused on vetting requests for an exclusive, one-on-one national interview, small group listening sessions with community leaders, advocates, and clergy members, and developing the legislative framework for Virginia's first-ever cabinet-level Chief Diversity Officer. After nearly a year of advising the Governor and managing the relationships with public opinion leaders and media outlets, support shifted with Northam's approval ratings significantly increasing. In 2022, Governor Northam retired from public office and was celebrated for his legislative accomplishments and addressing Virginia's historic racial inequities.
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