What Biden Needs to Do to Reassure the Public

When asked by Politico magazine how the president should confront the most dangerous threat to his reelection, Jarvis Stewart, Democratic media strategist and managing partner at Cover Communications, says, "Put Biden on the road."

President Biden’s press briefing following the special counsel’s report was most certainly not his best. While many agree the report took great liberties and colored outside the lines when assessing Biden’s mental and cognitive state, the fact is, if handled strategically, the Biden White House and his campaign could use this opportunity to redefine and redirect the conversation.

My initial advice is for Biden not to appear agitated and angry. Find the balance between being angry by the descriptions in the report and the passionate, folksy and tough Joe Biden from Scranton. Candidly, let surrogates throw the hard, fierce punches instead.

Secondly, I would immediately put Biden on the road to re-engage with key Democratic voters, not only in solidly blue states but states that will be competitive in the fall. Show he’s not afraid to drill down and hear the concerns of voters on the ground. The White House cannot allow political pundits and “clickbait” headlines to control the narrative. Voters need to see firsthand he’s capable, “locked in” and focused on managing critical domestic and foreign policy issues.

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